Effective May 11, 2020

Our showroom hours will be Monday-Friday from 9AM – 4PM in order to clean and disinfect for your safety.

Until further notice our doors will be locked to the public but we will be open for your needs. Please knock and we will let you in. We ask that you please follow these guidelines:

  • All Visitors must wear a face mask
  • Visitors must not have symptoms of respiratory infections (fever, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath).
  • Visitors who have traveled internationally or exposed to someone with a fever, the flu or a proven COVID-19 case in the past 14 days are not permitted.
  • Visitors please call 814-466-8736 so that we can let you in.

We ask that you please call ahead to minimize your wait. Upon arrival please call us at 814-466-8736 so we can assist you or meet you at your car.  We can offer curbside service or delivery if needed for safety reasons.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We value your business and for supporting our local small business.

Important COVID_19 Instructions

Please notice our door is locked for everyone’s safety so upon your arrival please do the following:

  1. A mask is required for entry
  2. Knock so we may leave you in
  3. Or call us at 814-466-8736 to either, let you in or meet you for curbside pick up
  4. Please allow us to open and close the door for you
  5. Once inside please practice proper social distancing of 6’ apart
  6. Please understand we must limit the number of persons inside at once so you may have to wait in your car until someone leaves.
  7. We ask that non-essential person’s wait outside to minimize unnecessary contact.
  8. It is recommended to call ahead and schedule an appointment
  9. to minimize your wait time and unnecessary contact upon your arrival

We appreciate your understanding and patience’s as we work through

this new normal together.

Our first priority is to keep you and our employees safe!